How it all started

A long time go, I met a man who liked to do things. Go places. Have fun. Fast forward almost 18 years and we have had many adventures both together and with our family. More to come on that…and I will backtrack on some of our awesome vacations (and explain the picture!) after I get the hang of this blog thing!


I started this blog to document our first adventure using our newly purchased, gently used RV. Hopefully, this will be a successful adventure, both in the blog world and in the RV world. This is something we are both new to, so I am sure we will learn a lot. We will also learn if we can survive as a family of 4 in a 23 foot space for 3 weeks. Now mind you, we are pretty flexible people, but even those who are flexible have their limits. I believe those limits will be (and have been) tested and we will either come out winning, or decide that this is not the lifestyle we want to live. But we have to try. Because adventure is out there…

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